Logo and identity design.


NPREX is an online music publishing exchange that provides buyers and sellers of music publishing rights to transact directly. The innovation is that unlike the current music industry publishing standard, this service allows a music buyer to pay licensing after the music is used, instead of before.
This is a startup company with a bright future. I provided logo and branding design, site design, and shaped the provided content into a marketing message that better fits the web medium.

Music City Networks

Music City Networks is a Nashville based tech company that specializes in providing websites and services to the music entertainment industry.

Originally, when I designed the logo in 2008 the word mark was enclosed in a circle. Later in 2010 I updated it to remove the circle, which left the logo more manageable to be able to be fit into narrow layout space.

Moon & Stars Studio

Logo design for a film studio in Nashville, TN.

Brad Paisley

Over the past seven years I've gotten to work on four different site iterations for Brad Paisley. The artist wanted this design to reflect the cool artwork that the folks at Sony Records had put together for the album "Wheelhouse".

Dead Air Radio

Dead Air Radio is a progressive rock/metal band hailing from Nashville, TN. Their music is a mix of dynamic content, one moment quiet like the calm before a storm, the next a thundering wall of chords and vocal harmonies. It reflects their true love of music for it's own sake, as demonstrated with occasional mind-numbing passages, while utilizing driving beats and strong melody to solidify and weave it all together into a rich tapestry of heavy rock.

Here Come The Mummies

Here Come The Mummies is a groovy Funk/R&B band consisting of incredible musicians, best known for their tongue-in-cheek lyrics and energetic live performances where each member has an Egyptian mummy persona and costume. Needless to say this was a fun site to work on! For their 2013 album release, Cryptic, they wanted to convey a slight stylistic departure from their usual cartoon-ish style to one using imagery that's slightly darker and scarier. To start with, I designed a new logo that was a departure from their previous horror film style lettering.

Idea Den

Idea Den (now known as MasterChannel) is a company based in Nashville, TN for which I was Creative Director/Senior Designer for four and a half years. The company specializes in providing sites and merchandising services for music entertainment with its Drupal-based site platform called Fan Torrent.

Joe's Bar

Joe's Bar is a 20,000 square foot warehouse-style venue located near Lincoln Park in Chicago, famous as country music venue in Chicago which hosts both national and local country music acts. Joe’s specializes in sports, live music and private room parties where each offers its own unique environment.

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