Dead Air Radio

Dead Air Radio is a progressive rock/metal band hailing from Nashville, TN. Their music is a mix of dynamic content, one moment quiet like the calm before a storm, the next a thundering wall of chords and vocal harmonies. It reflects their true love of music for it's own sake, as demonstrated with occasional mind-numbing passages, while utilizing driving beats and strong melody to solidify and weave it all together into a rich tapestry of heavy rock.

While working on the album art I tried to think of a concept to tie in lyrics with the packaging design. Several songs contain lyrics celebrating freedom from confines, with song titles such as "Liberation" and "Unified" and with phrases "free yourselves from the shackles that bind you," and "break down the barriers for me, opened my eyes now I can see." This depicts the band's mantra as it celebrates it's freedom to be eccentric with odd-meter and instrumental passages. I decided upon a barbed wire theme to unify the theme across the digipak panels. I was able to use photos I took while in Poland when I took a day trip to see the Auschwitz concentration camp for the wire itself. Other photos and textures from my visit to Eastern Europe adorn the panels. On the cover, the wire served to transform into the sound wave illustrating the album title, which in audio terms is a ratio measure of how much signal strength verses noise.

Creative Direction